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Robert Gonzales Jr., “The Covenantal Context of the Fall: Did God Make a Primeval Covenant with Adam?” Reformed Baptist Theological Review 4:2 (Jan 2008).

Robert Gonzales Jr., “Where Sin Abounds: The Spread of Sin and the Curse in Primeval History,” Reformed Baptist Theological Review 5:1 (Jul 2008).

Robert Gonzales Jr., “Faults of Our Fathers: The Spread of Sin in the Patriarchal Narratives and Its Implications,” Paper Presented at the 2010 ETS Southeastern Regional Meeting.

Robert Gonzales Jr., “Man-God’s Visible Replica & Vice-Regent,” Reformed Baptist Theological Review (2008).

Robert Gonzales Jr., “Man’s Constitution as a Physical-Spiritual Unity,” Reformed Baptist Theological Review 6:1 (Spring 2009).

Robert Gonzales Jr., “Giving Proper Due to the People in the Pew, Part 1: A Biblical Defense of Lay-Ministry,” The Founders Journal 79 (Winter 2010).

Robert Gonzales Jr., “Giving Proper Due to the People in the Pew, Part 2: A Biblical Defense of Lay-Evangelism,” The Founders Journal 83 (Winter 2011).

Robert Gonzales Jr., “Judgment Begins at the House of God: A Theology of Malachi,” Reformed Baptist Theological Review 6:2 (Fall 2009).

Robert Gonzales Jr., “Interpretation of Canticles” (Unpublished, 2007).

Robert Gonzales Jr., “Fullness of Joy: The Old Testament Believer’s Hope in the Afterlife” (Unpublished, 2011).

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