Directives to Young Preachers by Robert Briggs

Reformed Baptist Seminary‘s course on preaching and teaching features three lectures by Pastor Robert Briggs entitled “Directives to Young Preachers.” In the first lecture Pastor Briggs emphasizes the priority of godly character over giftedness. The second lecture examines and sets forth Paul’s apostolic ministry as a model for would be preachers. Finally, Pastor Briggs addresses what to avoid and what to cultivate for an effective pulpit ministry. I’ve posted these three lectures in video format below and would highly commend them not only to those who aspire to the pastoral ministry but also to those of us who are already in pastoral ministry. It’s always good to be reminded of the basics!

Directives to Young Preachers by Robert Briggs

Robert Briggs pastored in Northern Ireland for eleven and a half years before moving to northern California to take up pastoral responsibilities at Immanuel Baptist Church, Sacramento in January 2004. He has a Bachelor of Divinity (B.D.) from Queens University of Belfast.

Character and Development

A Model of Apostolic Ministry

Things to Avoid and Things to Cultivate

To learn more about Reformed Baptist Seminary’s online theological training program watch this brief video here.


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