The Theology of John Calvin: Free Video Lectures

If Martin Luther was the catalyst of the Protestant Reformation, John Calvin was its consolidator. Calvin was both a commentator and also a systematic theologian. J. I. Packer has rightly appraised Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion (1536-1559) as “one of the wonders of the spiritual world–the world of doxology and devotion, of discipleship and discipline, of Word-through-Spirit illumination and transformation of individuals, of the Christ-centered mind and the Christ-honoring heart.”1 In the thirteen lectures below, historical theologian and pastor Mark Sarver, provides a sketch of Calvin’s life and labors as well as a survey of some of Calvin’s greatest theological contributions. These lectures constitute a portion of the lecture material for Reformed Baptist Seminary‘s course “Reformation Church.” For more information about taking the course for credit or just auditing the lectures, contact me at And enjoy!


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