1. Thomasene Wrenn

    An awesome piece of work. This “sermon” was so eye-opening. Thank you, Thank you so much for writing this great piece.

  2. Julie

    This was beautifully explained. I’m doing a talk to my school tomorrow about Palm Sunday, and you have given me some real things to think about.

  3. Thiruthuvaraj Sebastian

    Very well explained with references and Holy Spirit revelations. I am blessed and kindled in faith. Thanks a lot. Let His Kingdom come.

  4. Mark

    Would I be considered a thief if I stole this for tomorrow’s sermon. On second thought if you don’t mind, may I please borrow it. May God continue to enrich you with his Holy Spirit. I was truly blessed by this. Mark

  5. Phillip Andrew

    First off,what you had to say,does not surprise me in the least bit,but rather confirms to others,exactly what Jesus told my spirit being.The third eye if you will.Further more,he never left us,that is why he came into the world,he who knew NO sin,became sin for our transgressions.He proved to us that he conquered SIN which is death,by his mere resurrection.However,on a closing note,you worded it wonderfully.Extremely,gracious,you were able to touch our spirit within.



  6. David Decker

    Shalom Pastor Bob , living here in Jerusalem, the City of the Great King, this teaching blessed me greatly today,
    on Palm Sunday, 2015 ! Thanks for sharing these precious insights. Truly, the King is coming ! From Pastor David N. Decker,Jerusalem, Israel.

  7. Tambre Lipps

    This is an excellent piece of work; thank you so very much. I am a Sunday school teacher and this was a valuable resource for me this Sunday.

  8. Marva Watts

    Awesome truth. Especially insightful as so many “evangelicals” today are crying out for “Barrabas Trump” rather than the humble King, riding on a donkey. There is victory only in Jesus, the Lamb of God. Hosanna to the King of glory!

    • Bob Gonzales


      Insightful comparison. Tragic too!

      Grateful with you that Jesus reigns and will one day make men like Trump bow at his feet and confess Him as Lord.

  9. Ted Watson

    Great research, thorough presentation which generates the emotions that we Christians feel so strongly as we enter Holy Week. We prepare through Lent to celebrate The Resurrection of our Lord and savior on Easter Sunday. Palm Sunday opens the door for us to reflect on Jesus suffering and death on the cross.and our sins which are forgiven by Him.
    God bless you,
    Ted .

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